How it Works

CordLatch is a small device that attaches to your power tool or extension cord to keep you connected and productive. With CordLatch you'll never again have to walk back and forth to reconnect your power tool. The Contractor as well as the Do-It-Yourselfer recognizes the time and labor saving potential of this device.

Quick to install, long lasting benefits. No re-wiring required. CordLatch attaches to the male end of the cord. Once installed, it utilizes the polarization ‘lug’ or ‘shoulder’ on the female cord as a connection, so it is always there if you need it. Need to plug into a wall outlet directly? No problem, just swivel the Latch to the side.

Unlike its competitors, the CordLatch is small, sleek, and attaches to the male end of the cord. While there are several connecting devices on the market, most are cumbersome, require re-wiring of your plug, or can only be used in pairs (a part for the male plug and a matching part for the female plug). Designed for Commercial use yet just as important for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Stay connected with CordLatch!

Special Features
Small, sleek, and totally professional. Made in the USA. This small attachment will save you time, money and frustration every time you use it. Easy to use, just tip it, flip it, and pull it.

Safety First! Provides a safer workplace, no more OSHA violations due to tying knots in cords or disconnected cords. Don't destroy your cords by tying them in knots: CordLatch It!

CordLatch fits most power tools and extension cords. Modification may be required (see How to Install, Special Applications). Not compatible with DeWalt Tools.