Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't it dangerous to drill a hole in the plug? 
Installation should always be performed by using the provided alignment tool and drill bit to determine the exact position, therefore drilling a hole in the plug does not compromise the integrity of the electrical device because no wires have been damaged or exposed. Only the provided pin should be used to secure the CordLatch, NEVER use a metallic pin.

Is it UL approved?
CordLatch is an add-on device that requires no re-wiring of the plug, and therefore not eligible for review by UL as a retro-fit product.

Does a lack of UL approval equal a lack of safety?
Certainly not.
Safety Compliance Testing was performed by NCEE Labs, a member of the American Council of Independent Laboratories, to the Strain Relief Test (Section 84.3), dielectric (Section 88), and the Insulation resistance (Section 89) requirement of UL817 and determined to be statistically equivalent to unmodified cord sets.
Therefore, it was determined that the addition of the CordLatch device does not affect the safety of the consumer or the integrity of the cord.

What happens if you drill the hole when it is plugged in?
CordLatch is designed to install using the Alignment Tool, which makes it impossible to be plugged into electricity.

Is there a warranty?
CordLatch warrants that the products furnished shall be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of 1 year from date of purchase. Return the defective CordLatch with proof of purchase and the item will be replaced free of charge, plus shipping and handling.

Will CordLatch fit on every power tool and extension cord?
CordLatch will fit on approximately 90% of power tool and extension cords. Modification may be required (see special applications). Not compatible with DeWalt Tools.