Tired of interrupted work due to a disconnected cord? CordLatch® is the solution. CordLatch® is an Electrical Cord Locking Connector that connects & disconnects easily. Cordlatch® attaches to the Male end of the plug, no opposing connector is required. To use as a Power Tool Cord Connector, attach it to your power tool cord to keep it connected to your extension cord. Attach it to your extension cord when using multiple extension cords resulting in Locking Extension cords. Who has time for disconnected cords? Stay Connected and Productive with CordLatch®.

Never Be Disconnected Again!

• Can be used with 2-prong or 3-prong cords
• Made in the USA
• Small, sleek, won't get hung up pulling around corners
• Quick to install, long lasting benefits
• No re-wiring required
• Fits Most Power Tools & Extension Cords
(Not compatible with DeWalt Tools)
• Electrical Cord not included


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